c.b. yi trilogy


Through his trilogy, c.b. yi wants notably to re-examining the definition and the place of the family in the society and its ambiguous relationship to sexual freedom. Pureland and Fruits of the earth scripts already got the support of the Austrian Film Institute and are at a development stage.

1st part: Moneyboys

Fei works illegally as a hustler in order to support his family, yet when he realizes they are willing to accept his money but not his way of life, there is a major breakdown in their relations. Through his relationship to the headstrong Long, Fei seems able to find a new lease on life, but then he encounters Xiaolai, the love of his youth, who confronts him with the guilt of his repressed past.​

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2nd part: Pureland

The suburban adolescent Felix drifts from one relationship to another in the big city life of Paris - always pursued by his alcoholic, homeless father, of whom Felix is ashamed. After a traumatic event, a community of sex workers takes him under their wing. Their resilience and solidarity help him to put down new roots. 

3rd part: Fruits of the Earth (working title) 

In the 60s, Michel, a chaste young scholar from a bourgeois family, observes on his honeymoon how a young boy cuts his finger. The boy shows Michel the glowing cut and happily licks the blood from his wound. The sight overwhelms the sickly Michel with a desire, a thirst for life more commanding than anything he has ever felt - to live! 

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