Policy in favour of diversity and gender equality

The data on wage differences and gender inequalities in access to the film industry speaks volume:

Women directors are paid 42% less than men directors: the data on wage differences and gender inequalities in access to the film industry speaks volume:


We share the values of the 50/50 collective and adhere to the Charter for Inclusion in Cinema and Audio-visual. It is a text of commitment, born from the observation that parity between women and men and the diversity of society, in its cultural, ethnic and social components, are not sufficiently represented in audio-visual productions, both on set and on screen. As a company with an international vocation, we wish to take its values beyond our own borders.

Diversity is both an ethical issue and a performance issue. An ethical issue, because we believe that the films, we produce should reflect a pluralistic society and that they should also question the societal standards in which we live, by better integrating everyone's identities: gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, ... A question of performance, because the combination of talents from diverse backgrounds leads to better creativity and a holistic vision of society. It is therefore a question of creating films by everyone and for everyone and thus reaching out to a wider audience and at the same time broadening our sources of income and, in the end, creating better quality films. There is therefore no contradiction between diversity and performance, on the contrary. The processes of collective intelligence presented above can also ensure that the specificities of each individual are truly taken into account, in the service of the group.

We therefore want to encourage diversity both on screens and during the film production process:

On the screens: encouraging the questioning of our society, freedom of expression and freedom of self through strong roles of

  • Women

  • LGBTQ+ community

  • Different social classes

  • Different ethnic backgrounds


In the production chain, through the following actions

  • Promote the place of women, young people, seniors in the company and people with disabilities (internal and contractual).

    • Preference, all else being equal

    • 5% bonus compared to the average salary, based on position and experience

  • Fostering cultural diversity by recruiting employees

    • From different countries

    • Presenting complementary courses

We are committed to producing diversity reporting to ensure full transparency of these criteria, as well as monitoring our continuous improvement.

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