Greenhouse gas emissions: a carbon-neutral company


With the advent of streaming, the audio-visual and cinema sector has become a major contributor to global warming. In addition, it generates an increasing amount of waste and pollution. This is why we want to commit ourselves to a more carbon-efficient society. We therefore need to ensure that fundamental environmental criteria are respected both in the day-to-day running of our company and during filming, which is the main source of greenhouse gas emissions in the sector, particularly through the use of transport.

In order to integrate environmental criteria most effectively, we have chosen to refer to two labels and bring together the best of both worlds in our company:

Lumières de tube
  • Ecoprod's Carbon'Clap, which brings together the main media players who want to reduce their carbon footprint. This label is coupled with a software that identifies the items that emit the most greenhouse gases. It forms the basis of our action plan and enables us to report on the effectiveness of the measures taken.

  • The guidelines of the Austrian eco-label for green production in the film and TV industry

Some of the main actions we implement include, for example:

  • Production: Rationalise air-conditioning and heating and if possible, subscribe to a green energy supplier.

  • General management: Organise a travel plan in advance: identify public transport options, favour videoconferencing, car-pooling and electric mobility. Arrange accommodation for non-local crew members as close as possible to the filming location.

  • Light and energy: Make sure that as little artificial light as possible is used for outdoor shoots (give preference to reflectors and natural light).

  • Technical means: Limit the use of generators to what is strictly necessary, if necessary, calculate the exact power required and prefer low-energy consumption generators.

  • Dressing and make-up: Practise energy and product-saving maintenance

  • Post-production: Favour energy-efficient appliances certified by a label, such as the Energy Star label or the TCO'03 label.

Furthermore, we are committed to establishing precise environmental reporting by distinguishing between emissions linked to the life of the company and the pre-production, production and post-production phases of the films. 

In addition to our ongoing efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, we are committed to neutralizing our carbon emissions through the Ecoact platform, which promotes the reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions while providing multiple benefits to local communities and promoting biodiversity.