Quality of our management: tools and expertise

As an executive producer we have the duty to manage the paradox of a film production company: being a rather small company in terms of the number of employees and tangible fixed assets, we are nevertheless in charge of a number of service providers and intangible fixed assets of significant size during the film creation phase. The aim is then to guarantee the successful completion of the film, while ensuring efficient day- to-day cash management for our company and the film's coproduction.

As such, we guarantee the successful completion of the films we produce in terms of:

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  • Budget: on the basis of our recognised experience in the field of finance, we set up reliable, adaptable and tailor-made tools in order to constantly monitor the film's and our company's cash flow in real time; and this in order to ensure both total transparency in the transfer of funds on the one hand and the reactivity necessary for the proper execution of the film on the other. We also guarantee good communication between our company’s-chartered accountant and the film's administrative management by setting up regular meetings between the two parties.

  • Deadline: by setting up a precise provisional timetable and analysing the impact of each item on the rest of the production chain of the work

  • Artistic promise: by establishing a permanent contact and a relationship of trust, throughout the process of creating the work, with the authors and directors.