Charter of good practice

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We adhere to the Ecoprod Charter of Good Environmental Practice for the Audio-visual Industry, which aims to:

  • Reducing consumption of raw materials and energy resources

  • Integrating HEQ procedures into real estate projects

  • Reduce the amount of waste produced by ensuring that it is recovered or recycled.

  • Encourage the purchase of eco-labelled products that incorporate environmental criteria.

  • Limiting and optimising travel; encouraging the use of public transport and environmentally friendly travel; optimising and adapting the vehicle fleet

  • Gradually integrate this dynamic into exchanges with customers and suppliers.

In order to ensure that our actions meet the requirements of the UZ 76 Austrian environmental label, an ESG manager is appointed within the company and during the production of each film. These persons will be responsible for coordinating the actions relating to the label, in close collaboration with the filming staff.