Waste management

Peering dans les bois

We are also committed to paying greater attention to the management of our waste and to applying the 3Rs policy: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. In terms of concrete actions, we commit ourselves in particular to:

  • Production: Organise the recycling or recovery of waste electronic equipment, printer cartridges, batteries and accumulators, paper and packaging.

  • General management: To reduce food waste, give the leftovers of the day to members of the filming team who wish to do so or to local associations.

  • Studio and set: Anticipate the design, dismantling, sorting and recycling of waste (Eco-design of sets)

  • Light and energy: Recycling polystyrene reflectors

  • Technical means: For special effects, use the least harmful products and take all precautions to avoid damage to the environment and human health.

  • Dressing and make-up: At the end of the shoot, collect the clothes and accessories for the next shoot, sell them to friends and family, to vintage shops, to rental companies or to organizations that recycle them, reuse/recycle accessories (covers, hangers, bags).

  • Post-production: Ask the post-production studio about its environmental practices and energy consumption reduction (technical room, equipment, practices, end-of-life of equipment, green energy).